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Wuxi Han De Rui Jing

Wuxi Han De Rui Jing

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Wuxi Han De Rui Jing

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Wuxi Han De Rui Jing

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Wuxi Han De Rui Jing

Company Profile

Wuxi Han De Rui Jing New Material Co., Ltd., located in the beautiful coast of Taihu Lake - Wuxi. Our company is a senior professional sales company, has a skilled powder coating technical service team to high-quality, strict standards of products as the basis, to high-tech level of after-sales service as the backing for the majority of powder coating manufacturers to provide accurate excellent powder coating production program.

Our goal is: to strive to become the most professional in East China, the most comprehensive raw material suppliers.

Our philosophy: integrity-based, strength first, and serve as customers.Our company uphold the customer first, service-oriented business philosophy, excellent product quality, professional technical service strength, skilled customer service team to protect customers in the era of high-speed road ride, and stability, development, loyalty, Unity and innovation in the spirit of respect for talent to focus on technology, so that customers enjoy the latest achievements in the development of information technology at the same time continue to get the maximum benefit.

Wuxi Han De Rui Jing

Outdoor acrylic extinction resin PDA

Outdoor acrylic flame-retardant resin PDA is an epoxy-based acrylic resin, can be used as low-acid saturated polyester polyester curing agent, the use of its components and polyester resin compatibility differences to achieve the purpose of extinction. The system has a good extinction effect, suitable for the preparation of luster 1-20% of the outdoor low light powder, and weather resistance, salt spray resistance, high temperature resistance, resistance to yellowing, etc. have excellent results.

Wuxi Han De Rui Jing

609 matting agent

609 matting agent is a wax-free, resin-based additive matting agent for TGIC system, the amount of 2-5% can provide glossy 10-30% outdoor extinction powder. The system has excellent leveling and surface fullness; the surface is clearly suitable for the black system; good stability, over baking conditions, gloss, color change.

Wuxi Han De Rui Jing

Indoor anti - yellowing matting agent D68

D68 is a new generation of anti-yellow matting agent based on resin and cured with epoxy, and its epoxy curing ratio is about epoxy: D68 = 10: 1, for epoxy / polyester mixed powder coating, Can provide more than 3% gloss of extinction. Compared to the traditional indoor anti-yellow matting agent, its characteristics are: storage stability, compatibility, gloss stability, etc. are greatly improved.